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After two absolutely horrible experiences with two other agents, I had given up hope for professionalism in the industry.. until I met Patti. Not only is Patti a consummate professional, she actually CARES a lot. I had to sell a rural property at the beginning of covid, and Patti walked me through each step, basically holding my hand at every stage. She not only sold it in two weeks, she facilitated a very detailed close, as the buyers were international and had an abundance of questions. I finally felt safe and that I could totally trust her. Selling a home is so personal, I could see that Patti saw it as more than a “job”, she had my heart in her hands too and she handled it with care. Now, on to the buying... still during covid, it took us 6 months to find a house I knew I could call home.. during this time, my impatience would rear its ugly head and when I wanted to act quickly for the sake of settling in a very unpredictable situation, Patti’s calmness, sensibility and masterful approach reassured me that if I just remained patient, we would find the right one. She pointed out so many important things I was willing to look past just to settle quickly and I’m so very thankful to her for that. Once again, showing how much I could trust her. Every move she made was with precision and strategy and it all paid off, because as I write this, I’m sitting in my amazing home in New Edinburgh, thanking the universe that I was smart enough to be patient and wait. Or at least Patti was. Thank you Patti, as you know, beyond words... wine on the porch this summer awaits your arrival 💕
• Shelby Hill

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